Image via: Wall Street International Magazine

Letting Go

Emotional level: 7

Mental level: 9

TODAY I LEARNED: Elvis Presley was naturally blond.

Lately things have been better. The world seems to have turned on its axis and my mood is amazing. It has a lot to do with letting go of my fear and doubt. Honestly doing so has led me to a great place. It’s not easy and it does take time, but it is possible. Truthfully, I didn’t think it would help as much as it did, but letting things go seems to be well known and yet we don’t do it enough. We’re either too scared or too attached to something or someone to let it go, even when it’s tearing us apart. I’ve recently let go of someone in my life. At first, I thought it was a terrible decision. But, after awhile, I realized it is entirely for the better. I can’t constantly sit and wonder about what might be or what has been done. I can simply look at the present moment and realize what has been going on right in front of me.

Really all we have is the present, so it’s a good a time as any to really confront what you’re going through. So, long story short, that person is out of my life for good. And it may feel weird to let someone go, but eventually, you see that it was the better option. It makes you feel like a giant weight has been lifted off your shoulders. It’s truly freeing.

Blessed Be )O(

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