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Are You Indecisive? Here’s Some Advice

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TODAY I LEARNED: Earth is calculated to be about 4.54 billion years old.

In the past few days I have struggled with being indecisive about two decisions in my life. I’ve been so caught up in my doubt that I didn’t even realize the lack of decision making was causing me to linger. People often say if you choose the wrong decision, it’s better than making no decision at all, so I finally decided. I realized I no longer wanted to be stuck.

Sometimes the best course of action is to go ahead and make the decision. Jump from that cliff you’re so desperate to stay away from and take a risk. (Obviously don’t literally jump off a cliff.) It’s the only way you’re going to figure out whether you want it or not. That’s truly the best option, in my opinion.

Don’t just sit there waiting for something better to come along. Take action and make sure you know exactly what you want and if you don’t, take the time to figure it out because trust me, it’s worth it. You owe it to yourself to find out who you are and what you want in this life.

I’ve been indecisive about a lot of things in the past and honestly…it didn’t really improve much. I could go on and on about the possibilities of each decision, the consequences of the actions, but if I’m not making a choice at all, I’m just sitting on the fence, waiting for a sign or something to tell me what’s right. Sometimes signs and messages don’t come which means it’s up to you to decide.

I know it’s scary, especially for those of us who have a hard time making decisions, but it gets better with time. It really, truly does. Time improves so much.

So, here’s the bit of advice for today:

If you’re stuck trying to figure out what you should do and the universe is simply not responding, go ahead and make a choice. Move forward and trust your gut. If you make the wrong decision, pick yourself back up and make the right one. Believe in the decision you make because the only person who can do it is you.

Blessed Be )O(

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