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Stability & Consistency

Emotional level: 5

Mental level: 7

TODAY I LEARNED: Pirates wore earrings because they believed it improved your eye sight.


I ate broccoli today, which is highly unlike me. I need to get in better shape. This constant ring of indulgence has really been making a difference lately and honestly? I need more stability in my life. Can you believe I said that?

Stability is safety, it makes you feel like you’re in a better place mentally. And truly you are. It’s a consistent plan that makes sure you’re exactly where you need to be. It’s a structure of important barriers and defenses.

Really, all I want to say today is that stability isn’t a bad thing. It may sound boring and unappealing, but stability is ideal. For everything. It’s like the old saying goes, everything in moderation.

Believe me, I understand that it’s hard to get to a point where you can even process stability when you’re depression or anxiety is giving you raging fits.

That’s okay too. You just have to wait for a time that is right for you. And we all come to that place at different times in our lives, multiple times even.

Stability and consistency. Those are my lessons for the week and I’m going to try my best to stick to them.

Screw the horrible habits and downfalls of depression. It’s the right time to rise up and do something about the way I feel. About the way you feel. We can’t stay in the dark forever. You have to let your soul heal and prosper. Sometimes the best way to do so is to heal the body and stay on a stable path that’s consistent.

Then, some days, the only real way that you’re ever going to get anywhere is if you tell yourself to try. Because all we can do is try every damn day. 😊

And sometimes, happiness, stability, consistency, all those great things, are earned throughout your daily process. Sometimes it takes work. Especially for those suffering from major depression and other mental disorders.

Because there’s something in your brain telling you tasks that should be easy are going to be horribly strenuous. Because somehow, your mind decided it didn’t want to function in the same realm as everyone else.

It’s okay. Jump on that level of stability that you need. I promise that it’s not as overrated as everyone makes it out to be.

Blessed Be )O(

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