Simple 5 Step Elemental Meditation

Emotional level: 6

Mental level: 7

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Have you ever had one of those days where absolutely nothing is going right? It just seems like no matter how hard you try, your best isn’t enough and everything that can wrong, does.

People are generous, but they can’t help you out of the funk you’re in and at the time it seems like you can’t even help yourself. So, what do you do?

I’ve had a couple of very rough days this week, and it doesn’t help with my anxiety. My stress levels rise to horrible heights that I wouldn’t wish on anyone and I start to feel completely helpless. Our bodies have a way of enduring lots of stresses, but emotionally and mentally we can only take so much.

That’s why I try to remember 5 things that help me ground myself. It’s a little witchy tip that I learned a long while back and I’ve been using it ever since.

Before I delve into the methods, I’ll explain a little about them. Everything in this reality is made up of elements. Depending on which part of the world you live in, these elements can be few or less, but I follow the five elemental balance.

Earth, fire, air, water, and spirit. These five things make up the world we live in. What I use to ground and center myself during terrible bouts of anxiety and stress are elemental meditations that can help wherever you may be. You don’t need anything to do them. Only your mind. Because you already have all the elements in your body.



I always start with earth because it is the most grounding of all the elements. Close your eyes and feel your body. Imagine roots growing from your feet and spreading into the earth. Feel yourself in the present moment and just realize that you’re solid and whole like a tree. Feel the energy of the earth as it pulses through the roots, coming into you like gentle ripples.



This one should be the easiest to do. Simply breathe in and out slowly. Imagine the essence of air going in and out of your lungs as it refreshes your entire body.



Feel the blood coursing through your body. Imagine it as it flows all throughout your entire system. Imagine clean and bright light flowing through you. Try to imagine it all throughout your body and just let it flow.


Our bodies radiate heat naturally. Also, inside each person’s heart is a spark of life, a driving fire. Feel your heart as it beats, and feel that spark as a strong and hopeful fire. That beating means that you’re still alive and you have so many opportunities ahead of you. This can sometimes be hard for people with anxiety because of how fast the heart beats during anxiety attacks, but remember to breathe and slow your heart rate. Everything takes time. Even this.



Some people have a hard time looking at spirit as an element, but spirit is in everything. For spirit I imagine a great white light above me. The brightest you can imagine. Feel the light fall over you, lifting your mood and calming your worries or fears. Allow the light to be around you and within you. Know that this is good and that it connects us to everything. Remember that its very essence is you and everything else. If it helps, sometimes I imagine the light coming from within me. This is often a better approach.

These methods have always helped me and I do them as one meditation, going through each part one at a time. When I get to spirit, it completes the meditation. I say a prayer of gratitude and then 9 times out of 10, I’m good to go. I know it’s a lot but it really does help.

So, next time you’re feeling terribly anxious or going through a panic or anxiety attack, try your best to remember these methods. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me over the years. I pray you all have a wonderful day today and may you be happy and full of light. 😊


Blessed Be )O(

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