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If My Anxiety Could Talk

There’s no doubt that if my anxiety could talk, it would scream almost endlessly. I’m not referring to the anxiety which occurs just moments before talking to a crush or right before it’s time to go on stage. The anxiety I’m focusing on today is the kind that comes from GAD which is Generalized Anxiety Disorder. If you have it, you know what I go through. If you don’t, I pray you never get the chance to experience such a terrible thing. It’s been a long time since I’ve talked about my anxiety and how it affects me on a daily basis.

I don’t see it as something that holds me back. Anyone who suffers from it shouldn’t either. Sure, it’s going to try its hardest to keep you from the things you love and enjoying your life, but you just can’t let it. It’s not something you want to take complete control. You have to take a step back and really look at your options. Who are you as a person? Are you strong? None of us want to think we’re weak, but when the anxiety hits, it makes us feel just that. We are helpless in that moment and it’s like nothing can save us. Panic encompasses your entire being and it feels like all you can do is pray and hope that it will stop. Sometimes it just lasts for twenty minutes. Other times it can go on for hours with a lingering tightness in your chest. You ask the craziest questions because what you’re feeling and thinking just doesn’t make sense.

In just this past year I’ve had to have friends and family be there just to calm me down. Medication helps and so do herbs and certain remedies, but most of it comes down to your mindset. You have to ask yourself, are you going to let something like this affect the way you live your life? Depending on your answer, that’s where the first step is taken. You start to take back your life. I did, and each day is a new start. None of us are perfect and we never will be. But if we stay strong, do the research, find our own healthy ways of coping, and really work to make things better, it’s possible. It’s always possible. So, for any of you feeling like there’s no way out, whether it be due to anxiety, depression, or anything that seems to be holding you back. No matter what it is, just know it’s possible to make things better. You can do this. You can change for the better. Always remember that. No matter who you are. Keep that light inside, even if it’s just a trickle of light.

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.”

~ Francis of Assisi ~

Blessed Be )0(

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